The Issues

Economic Opportunity and Job Training

We will bring in more companies and better-paying jobs by providing  Marylanders with more efficient Job training.

Immigration Reform

We need smart Immigration Reform to protect Marylanders jobs while helping those that need it the most. immigration reform maryland and conservatives 

Data Protection

Right now Facebook, Google, Youtube, Twitter are selling info about you. There are zero laws to stop this. This is from every picture you post to every video you watch. 

Crime and Drugs

We need to have a hard stance against the drug cartels, they are infiltrating Americans with fentanyl. Fatalities are rising drastically from a cheap pipeline from China.

Tax Cutting

We can grow and reinvest in housing for the future by lowering taxes on all middle class. Also cutting taxes on small businesses to ensure their growth and job creation.


We are in the 6th great mass extinction. Deadly bacteria from runoff is killing fish, crabs, and natural vegetation, vital to the health of the Bay. which is very important economically and culturally to Maryland. 

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